been transitioning for 7 years, I have damaged roots, not ends, should I do the big chop or not?

I stop getting relaxers when I was 13. I am now 21, and haven't really transitioned properly due to the fact that I always straightened my hair every two weeks. College seemed to change that; now I just want my curls back! If you part my hair horizontally, the bottom half is very 3c while the top half is very wavy, with no curl due to the heat damage but the heat damage is from root, leaving a few curls on the end. Thinking about cutting the damaged hair off but since it is from the root, how do I go about doing it? Please Help! ASAP, thinking about chopping soon.

2 Answers

It definitely sounds like you have heat damage. First thing, hide your heat styling tools from yourself. Try and stay away until your hair is healthy again. When you do decide to start using them again make sure to prep your hair properly, use a heat protectant and don't turn the heat up so high. Also deep conditioning your hair atleast once a week will help with the damage.Well besides big chopping, your only other option is to transition. It all depends on if you feel like taking care of and blending damaged hair with your new growth until its at a length you feel comfortable with. How long you transition for is entirely up to you.
I agree with WndyOh. Also make it like a commitment just commit to it and once you seen our hair getting healthy again then you desire less and less to straighten your hair. Also don't get discouraged !!!!!!