Transitioning from extremely healthy CHI straightened hair to my natural roots. Suggestions?

So.. I have very healthy hair that I've been having straightened with the CHI system (Japanese Straightener) for 10 years and because of health reasons I've decided to go any natural! I can't wait!!  I'm transitioning using a weave as a protective style. This is my second instal and when we took it out last my hair underneath was doing SO well. It looks healthier than ever!! But.. The real question is what are some things for me to keep in mind after I take the weave out for good in a few months and start transitioning in real life (keeping in mind that I have minimal damage)?

1 Answer

Well, if you are okay with slightly shorter hair, I recommend you start your transition with a good hair cut where you take off a few inches. Then I reccomened that you go to the black hair/curly hair section of a grocery store and get a whole bunch of products. The only way to know if a product works on your hair is if you try it. Look at some reviews of a few products to help you make your decision on which ones to try. Keep in mind that curly hair need moisture to grow and be healthy. Maybe you good go to a hair saloon and ask the stylist for a few product recommendations and a few tips. Tell the stylist your concerns and stuff so they can help. Good luck x