TWA Motivation

Hey all!I have been considering a TWA for the past two years. Being competitive swimmer and gym enthusiast long hair and using lots of product is getting old and I'm looking for an excuse to cut off some serious damage. Need some motivation since I'm having doubts on how short hair will look on my face shape. Also, I am worndering what my hair texture will be like when short. I had a TWA in middle school and I lost my curls and rocked a wavy pixie. I am thinking of tapered with an inch on the sides and back and a few inches on top. Thoughts?-V

1 Answer

Go for it! Always remember, it's just hair :)From your photos, it looks like you have a classic oval face shape--which can really suite any hair style well! And you have gorgeous striking facial features, which makes it way easier to pull off a dramatic short cut. I have fine 3a/3b curls and got a pixie a couple of years ago and loved it. First of all, the maintenance is a dream. Yes, if you want to maintain that length, frequent trims are necessary. But I mean day to day styling takes no time at all! I know what you mean by the diligent caring for long hair and always having to use products. The whole process can become sort of vain and exhausting. Having a TWA/pixie allowed me to not care so much about what my hair looked like all the time. I wasn't afraid to go out in the rain or do spontaneous activities, that my long hair maybe would had be think twice about. I think your idea for a cut would look great on you--a little longer on top, and tapered on the sides. It's  also really easy to manipulate your curls when they're that short. You can slick them down for a sleek look sometimes. I'd say that best part about cutting off damaged hair is you get to start fresh. If you do plan on growing it out eventually, it'll be way easier to grow healthy hair then attempting to grow out dead hair. I say good luck and go for it!