what is the 'big chop?

I've seen many references to something called the big chop. What is it? My hair has been getting pretty long and I swim so the ends typically get dry and split. I have 3b hair (i think) and was interested in getting it cut short. I haven't gotten any length taken off for 6 years now (except for cutting the dead ends off periodically) I had a horrible cut which made my hair fluff out 4 inches to the side. It was around chin length so im nervous bout getting a short cut. 

2 Answers

The big chop in the natural hair community is when you cut off all or most of your damaged or relaxed ends. It usually ends up being a lot, hence the name "big chop". However, the phrase is pretty ambiguous and can mean cutting off any large amount of hair, relaxed or not. Cutting your hair short is awesome, and I think everyone should have short hair at least once in their life. I'm not sure what cuts to recommend because I've never seen your hair and don't know much about it. But generally, when DRY, you'll want it between chin and shoulder length, and make sure there are some layers in there to avoid triangle hair. Short hair will be more voluminous, but it doesn't have to be big in a bad way. Volume is very flattering when it has the right shape; that's why I recommend a dry haircut. Look on devacurl's website for a stylist near you that has learned to cut hair dry.
Hi SwimmieI also have 3b hair and have had it long for ages. This in part because when we tried to get a short cut (or even A cut) it would be a disaster (live in Europe, and not UK) and luckily it would grow fast again.But I have been wanting a proper funky short cut for a very long time. My hair was just kind of worn out, even though I have been treating it well and only flatironing a few times in the last 3 years. Also I prefer to have as less work as possible, and combing while conditioning would be a lot of work. I found a hairdresser that does Curlsys, and decided to go to hers even though it was really far. I got a crazy short cut with loads going on, and I have been loving it so much!! My hair was extra bouncy and alive and looked like new. I could put it in a bun still which was great. I absolutely love it and now 2 months later find that it is getting too long again (weighing down + wintertime) Anyway, as soon as you find a qualified hairdresser, go for it!