What is the hardest part about the big chop?

In your opinion, what was the hardest part? Was is letting go of your hair, getting use to natural hair, etc.? I'm really considering the big chop (more of a faux haircut like some styles of Rihanna) but I want to know what I am getting into before I do it.

2 Answers

I personally transitioned to natural hair. My mother big chopped. For her it was mainly wondering what in the world was she supposed to do with such a small amount of hair on her head. She wore a faux bun on her head while waiting for her natural hair to grow (she doesn't like TWAs which is why she wore the bun instead of wearing her big chop out). She searched all over the place looking for the perfect fake bun. The one she finally found matched her hair texture exactly so that it looked perfectly real. In fact, no one could tell the difference between her fake bun and when her hair had grown long enough to wear it in a real bun!I transitioned because I can never imagine having short hair. I've never had short hair in my life, and I like long hair too much, so a big chop is something I would never do. I was even disturbed at my hair length while transitioning (since transitioning involves regularly cutting off inches from the hair until the full head is natural)!I say if you big chop, get a faux hair bun that matches your hair texture as closely as possible. When you big chop, the hair needs to be just long enough to pull sleekly into a hair tie, so that you can place the bun over it.
The hardest part about the big chop is getting your butt in that chair! So much anticipation and anxiety about the unknown keeps you from just doing it. Once you make the appointment, it will be exhilarating! Just go for it!