why do people big chop their hair down to their scalp?

The point of a big chop is to cut off all the relaxed or possibly heat damaged hair to start over natural. I see a lot of women who post pictures of themselves right after a big chop who's heads range from totally shaved to something like 3 millimeters or something like that. Sooo what? They just relaxed their hair the day before and then decided to cut it all off?? WTF?? Why in the world would somebody do that?? Lots of women big chop and have two inches of hair. That makes a ton of sense, it implies that maybe they got their last relaxer a couple of months before, obviously grew some hair in that time and decided to BC. But.. just.. what? Idk maybe there is a reason I'm missing and I BEG everyone to understand tht I really don't mean this offencively but I am just BAFFLED. Not only does it just seem weird but also like a waste of money. You already have the relaxer fresh in your head you might as well put it to use for a month or so I just. I don't understand lol

1 Answer

I think it is a follow the trend type thing. The very ones who do it 9 times out of 10 complain about it not growing back fast enough. I don't get it but to each her own. I understand about wanting to start fresh with your natural hair but I agree with some of what you say.