Would a longer inverted bob work on my hair/face?

I have basically had the same hair style forever, since high school. I end up pulling it up everyday, because I can't stand it. I really would like to find a cut that would work, look nice if I straighten it and also curly. would an inverted bob (a little longer) work on me? I always think I have a fat face, so i'm worried it will just make that more evident. Please let me know. Thanks,

4 Answers

You're lovely!  yes, I think that style/cut would work well for you! 
Thank you, because I have such a high forehead should I do long side bangs?
You don't have a round face, you're very pretty!  And I think the cut you are considering would look great on you.  A few face framing pieces might be the way to start before you commit to full bangs.  
I think the inverted bob would look great on you! With a side swept bang, you'll be changing up your hair without going too bold for work. I read this article on face shapes & I think you have a rectangle shape. According to the article, a short or medium bob will accentuate your face! http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-products/the-shape-youre-in-complimenting-your-facePost pics soon, good luck!