Years of heat damage has altered my natural curl. Will I require a big chop?

When I was small, my hair was incredibly curly- like, corkscrew curls. However as I grew older I couldn't manage them and somehow began a rigirous routine of straightening every day. About six months ago I managed to break the habit and have been wearing it natural and applying no heat since. Unfortunately since this curl revival I haven't ever managed to achieve anything near the curls. Is my hair all damaged and will I need a big chop to achieve the curls again?

2 Answers

Some people's curls, after being straightened, take a long time to go back to their original curl pattern. Since you straightened every day, your curls may have lost their form. Or you could have gotten heat damage, whichever one. Instead of doing a big chop you could transition. Of course that will take more time but with transitioning you can preserve a lot more of your hair length.
Your hair is most definitely damaged and you will need a big chop. That's the best way to go because it gets rid of all of the damage and allows your hair to grow very quickly once the dead ends are gone. It was the best thing I ever did.