My 2nd year natural (Type 4C), now extreme hair loss, continuous split ends, and no growth! :( Help?

I have transitioned for 9 months, and have been completely natural for 2 years. I used completely natural products that I made myself and had lots of growth. However, one day I used regular shampoo and conditioner, broke and desperate to have long hair that would flow down, and not stick up in a huge afro. Bad choice. My hair had tons of tiny knots that would never come out for months up till now. It would just pop off as I combed through my hair with a wide toothed comb while it was wet, worse when it was dry.I cut my split ends and no matter how much split ends I cut, it would come back in a day or 2. My hair began to grow down like I prayed that it would, but everytime I wash it, I would see little hairs shedding off filling the whole bathtub all over. When I comb it, clumps of hair comes out into a ball. Even when I moisturize my hair now with water and jojoba and coconut oil, and seal with shea butter, it ends up very dry again in hours and hard to comb with knots.Lastly, yes my hair is growing down now, but I want my hair to be long like the people with lobg thick natural hair. My hair is very thick and down, but its only up to my earring hole when it is down. And it doesnt look proper down because it is just straightish with hardly any definition.Please help??

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what might cause hair loss is fungus and bacteria. shampoo too much can actually makes this worse. why? because when it removes your scalps natural oils your body goes to "o shit" plan "b" mode and secretes more oils. Bacteria and fungi starts to grow rapidly, clogging your hair follicles, causing them to fall out. from what you say you use coconut oil. that should be working... coconut oil is a natural antibiotic and a damn good one at that (also anti fungal and anti viral) try a honey rinse (raw non pasteurized for pro-biotic and anti biotic purposes) honey balances ph level. then try a witchhazel coconut mix rinse, and massage into your scalp but be careful not to use too for your hair, i made this awesome hair spray recipe that holds, and thats soft, AND is good for your hair. so while your hair is recovering you can just use this recipe and this method.get a four oz spray bottlealoe era juice sea salthoney (raw non past)black Jamaican castor oilget a bowl (Tupperware is preferred) .and pour almost 4 oz in the bowland take your finger and take a gob of honey (penny sized)  and drop it in and let it dissolve and stir.add a teaspoon of jbco (add a pinch more later if thats not enough, after all your hair is different from mine)and add the same amount of sea salt., pour it in the spray bottle (hopefully you have a funnel) and vuala!it works awesome for me. i hope it does for you too. what i do is comb it out, spray it down pretty good, roll it up and leave it in for an hour, (minimum.) unravel, and you got good curls... that should tide ya over!
if problem exceeds or persists it might be a health issue. i would consult a doctor... a good one... (have had bad expiriences with crappy doctors... -'_'- )
It sounds like you knew what was working for you before when your hair was growing. Give it time to adjust as you go back to using the products that worked before. Also, it sounds like you need a water-based leave-in conditioner/moisturizer before you use any oils. Without that, my hair would get soooo dry. Oils are not moisturizers and water by itself usually isn't moisturizing enough. I like Shea Moisture Raw Shea Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk, Oyin Handmade Hair Dew, Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion or Shea moisture has lots of good leave-in moisturizers. You may or may not be experiencing normal amounts of shedding and some breakage from dryness. If you only comb through your hair once a week when you wash, its ok and normal to have a lot of shed hair come out. I would recommend only combing/detangling your hair while its wet and soaked with a good slippery conditioner. Use a wide tooth comb or detangle with your fingers. Finger detangling has reduced a lot of breakage for me because I can be gentler when I feel the tangles and can ease them out. Please do not try to comb your hair when it  is dry. If you need to manipulate your hair after it has dried, it should be fine to use your fingers, but only once your hair feels well moisturized. If it feels dry and tangled, spritz with water and apply your leave-in moisturizer to soften up your hair. Cleansing your hair in sections and braiding or twisting each section back after detangling (leave it that way to dry or go on with styling it) should help keep some re-tangling from occurring. Use moisturizing shampoo (SheaMoisture has some) or co-wash with conditioner or cleansing conditioner. Other things to try:Max Hydration Method: think you may be interested in trying this though it can take some time, since you want your hair to hang down.LOC Method: hope this helps!