My 3a to 3b hair is always frizzy and dry no matter what I do?!

For a few months now I've noticed a slow change in my hair. My products weren't reacting well to my hair! And I'm having an unbelievable amount of fallout even though I'm VERY careful with my hair.I tested my hair to see its porosity, and it's low porosity, but it still won't hold moisture. My hair is either dry and frizzy or dry and weighed down. Nothing will bring mositure back into my hair. Not even hair masks or putting oil in my hair at night.Is it possible that I have heat damage even though I RARELY use the blow dryer? Would it be better to chop my waist length curls to give them some "new life"?I have fine 3a to 3b low porosity, low density, long curls. The 3b curls are on the sides with 3a in the front and back of my hair. It's hard to get the 3b curls shown in a selfie.I've attached some pictures to show what my hair looks like right now. The first 3 pictures show what my hair looked like last year with little to no products used in all of the pictures.I only use curly girl friendly products.

1 Answer

If your hair changed it means damage, not only heat and chemicals. You have weather, sunlight, pool, hard water, wind and so many other factors that can produce this. It can be corrected with protein treatment.Like you I tried everything, even cut my hair and didn't work. I thought I had low porosity so protein would be useless, I was wrong half a pack of a protein treatment my hair regained life, for some time I used protein deep conditioner weekly and now I'm staying away of that and just conditioning.So my advice is, try protein and deep condition regularly. You can cut it to be left with healthy hair but you don't need to you can restored it simply with the right balance of moisture and protein.