My 3c hair is extremely short and extremely see through, with no heat damage ALL NATURAL help me

I was born with naturally short hair(my ear length) and I've never cared of that but my hair is not thick and has VERY LOW density. My hair even when curly is completely see through. I haven't straightened my hair for about 8-12 months, I honestly don't remember but it's been a long time. I'm positive it's not heat damage, I take care of my hair. I came here so I could have help with growing my hair length and thickness. I've lost hope on growing my hair I just came to believe that is just how I was born , so please help prove me wrong.

1 Answer

When Air Drying your hair after washing fluff the roots to create volumes , every week use & 100% Natural Pure Oil, Argan, oil , castor oil , coconut oil , jojoba oil & massage your hair with that oil on your scalp, everynight before you go to sleep, do a scalp massage it promotes hair growth, I also would recommend sheamoisture Jamaican black castor oil Grow treatment masque it works very well , when using it give your hair a goood massage the castor oil and scalp massages promote hair growth & make sure when doing wash and go's make your hair is moisturized & drink lotsss of water & keep your body hydrated as well. I Hope this helped ❤️