What advice would you give regarding hair breakage due to hypothyroid medication? 3c low porosity

3 Answers

I would say to focus on finding natural remedies for your thyroid condition that are less harmful. Don't stop taking your meds but the internet is a plethora of information regarding your health. I would try out other solutions for thyroid health and maybe, eventually you can become less dependent on the meds. I also have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I have never taken any meds. I used to have major problems with my thyroid and now I have none at all. I didn't intentionally set out to cure my thyroid but after changing the way I eat and adding a few healthy routines into my life, I have no more issues. My hair is short (big chop short) but thick and growing rapidly. Hope you can find a solution so that you can get off the meds. Most conditions are reversible. Oh and BTW, a great start would be to start consuming coconut oil. Cook with it (stir fry veggies),brush your teeth with it, and my favorite way to consume it is to add a spoon of coconut oil to my hot coffee of tea. It tastes good and is excellent for healthy thyroid function. Your doctor will think it's the meds working so great LOL 
I recommend you consult with your doctor.
While I'm not a licensed physician, I do suggest low maniuplation protective hairstyles that won't tug tightly on your hair at the root (no micro braids, tight cornrows, or wigs that don't properly fit your head). Try a twisted updo, or other hairstyle that will hide only your ends but leave the rest of your length out.Avoid taking other supplements like biotin at this time, which can backfire on you and interrupt your current medication regimen. Drink plenty of water and get a good trim (don't try to cut your hair on your own--one good trim is worth the money).