Are buns an effective protective style? And are hair doughnuts safe?

So, I used to have a very busy hair schedule. Which was to do braidouts literally every single night... I decided to do them every three days and wear my hair in a high bun (except for Friday, which will be a pony-tail). I will use a doughnut. BTW, i don't stretch my hair at all when doing buns, therefore i don't feel like i have a facelift *lol*. Okay, thanks

3 Answers

There is pros and cons to buns, buns are easy and quick and they do protect your ends when they are safely tucked away in the bun, but wearing buns too often can also damage your edges / hairline due to excess pulling and tuggi
buns can be truly protective as long as you are not using a rubber band to secure, and it is not too tight. doing either of these will likely cause breakage to your ends as well as pull too tightly on your roots.
Buns can be used as a protective style but if you put your bun in the same place on your head everyday it can cause breakage. So if you do wear a bun try to wear in different places