What are your biggest concerns for summer maintenance?

Diane Bailey wants to answer your questions about summer maintenance. What are your biggest concerns? 

18 Answers

Taking care of my hair after swimming- it always looks like a total wreck! XD 
Hola Diane, i live in the Caribbean ¨hot¨all year , I have a routine the same or different although the weather has almost no large variation ? You think I should use Glycerin ? Thank You So MuchPs: I´m 4b,c hair 
With the summer heat, any hair product that I put in my hair seems to evaporate after day 1. Would love any product suggestions or ingredient recommendations to keep my hair going for day 2 and 3! 
Hi Diane! Summertime is usually when all my fun hairstyles like bantu knot-outs and twist-outs turn into epic fails due to the humidity! What products do you recommend that can provide hold without drying my hair? 
My biggest concern is how frizzy and brittle feeling my hair gets. What combination of products can I use to address these issues?
What are you recommendations for cocktailing a regimen to fight frizz on tight color-treated curls?
my biggest concerns are frizz and Sun. My hair is nice and moist before leaving the house. Then throughout the day becomes extremely dry. What can I do? Any tips would be fantastic. Thank you!
How do I keep my ends moisturized in the summer?
How can I balance moisture and protein?
Do you have any suggestions for dealing with frizz in the curl in humid climates?
My biggest concerns are moisture,frizz and buildup and single strand knots
Seeking lightweight yet deep moisturizing treatments w/ lasting results for thin, fine hair in a desert environment (have had great results w/ Shea Moisture's delicious Fruit Fusion shampoo & conditioner.)  How's Shea Moisture's Fruit Fusion mousse for styling?  Thanks so much!
Is there anything I can do to lesson the risk of sun lightening my hair?thank you very much!
My biggest concern has been when and how much and what type of protein to add to my dry, fine, low porosity, 3c/4a hair. It breaks so easily, and I thought adding protein would help, but I noticed certain places of breakage. Maybe it's too hot? Maybe it's too frequent? I'm not sure, so I'd love some good advice. Thank you!
I am a new curly girl and as of June 21, 2015 I did my BC.  It was a chop, but not huge because most of the relaxer had grown out since I had not relaxed my hair since August 2014.  My biggest concern is everything.  LOL  I have a few different curl patterns (between 4a, b, and c) and yes, my hair has grown in amazing ways.  I use Cantu products and wonder if this is best for my hair or should I use a more expensive product to see different results. My hair is colored in the top at the suggestion of my stylist and maybe I colored it too soon (considering I'm a newbie).  I feel like I didn't give my hair time enough to settle after the chop.   What hair maintenance is best for fall and winter seasons? What changes should I expect? 
I often get confused about whether or not my hair is dry.  But then it's too late.  All of a sudden I got from "Yeah my hair is doing OK" to "Oh no it feels like straw!" :|  My biggest concern is not being prepared for summer with a solid moisture plan.  Then you blink, summer is over, and you realize you didn't really do anything differently to protect your hair from the strenuous elements.  Any suggestions?
the sun lightening the highlights in my hair. 
Hello.. My question would be is it okay to wet your hair everyday? Like  to reapply products or to refresh a style? What moisture