Bullied at home because of my hair

im a 17 year old girl from Morocco and I'm the only person in my family who has curly hair (3c). Lately I've been bullied by my family because I decided to wear my natural hair (3 years natural)  and not use any heat or damaging products. It took me a while to accept my hair and my self, and my family isn't helping me with my confidence. Everytime I style my hair they tell me that my hair looks like a mop and looks disgusting . My "friends" bully me because of my hair by Calling it 'fried' I've cried many time because when ever me and my family are invited to a event or someone's house she tells me that I have to straighten my hair. Sometimes my mum stares at me and tells me that my hair is a embarrassment and that people in Morocco laugh at me. now I only wear my hair in a bun,mI've cried so many time over my hair and the way my mum talks about my hair. I feel ugly in my hair, I used to love it now I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror. (Sorry for my English) 

1 Answer

I'm so sorry that you have such horrible people for your family. No one deserves to be treated like that by their family of all people. While i can tell you to stay strong its gonna be really hard to do so in such a toxic environment. Have you ever tried reaching out to the natural hair community in Morocco? It would be good if you could be around other naturals to boost your confidence. Also, don't lose hope! Things WILL get better.