Where to buy a nice but inexpensive curly weave?

I want a curly, natural looking weave but have no idea where to buy the hair. I want it to be nice, quality, long lasting weave at the lowest price possible. I am not looking for dirt cheap weave but I can't afford 300$ on weave. SOS! I need help!!!

1 Answer

Are you looking for a hair that you can sew-in or clip in or full on lace fronts? Those prices differ DRAMATICALLY. This is a good start: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-ha...I don't wear weave anymore BUT I feel you on the $$$ part. It can get expensive. I heard really good things about Heat Free Hair but thats puts you right at your budget. The Fingercomber on the other hand is way more price conscience AND KurlyKlips are a good option if you want to try a few different styles. Otherwise, I think those local beauty supply store could probably hook you up. Let me know if you find something good out there!