Can one please help me? Thank you.

Hi, I'm Cinderella. My biological mom is african, and my dad is white. So I'm mixed... My hair as a kid. As I got older, I wanted to relax my hair, I thought, It would make my hair better, but It didn't. I once used a relaxer that was too strong for my hair, and I had to cut a few inches of. I still relax my hair because, when I don't my hair looks wild, I have no idea how to explain. My hair grows now, because of  the products my hair dresser gave me "Nanomax". My hair is really thick. And I've heard about the curly hair method quite often on the internet, but that's all. So I don't know, If This will make my hair grow better, or faster. I mean, I need advice about a lot of things.. If anyone can help me. Thanks! I'd love to have my curls back, tbh. Take care! x

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You might want to search around on this site for "transitioning". You'll find lots of great info for growing out your relaxer and embracing your natural texture. Your little-kid self is adorable, btw!
Thanks CurlyCoriander for helping me! xx And Thanks again :)
Yes, you'll love your hair if you learn how to care for it. You need a lot of ENDURANCE and PATIENCE. Once your relaxer has kind of grown out, you can start treating it like the Curly Girl: The Handbook (you can find it on Amazon) tells you to. Then you will LOVE your OWN NATURAL BIRACIAL hair! And you won't have that much work anymore like when it was relaxed and stuff. Believe me it's great. Good luck! xxxx