Change in curl pattern & Moisture help needed

First of all I apologise for posting a bad picture of my hair looking all dry and crusty looking.1. When I had big chopped my hair looked more 3C - 3C/4A but I'm guessing my hair is now 4A, is it normal for hair to get tighter as it grows? (My hair is in its natural state)2. Secondly what is the best way for me to moisturise low porosity hair as I only want to use 2 products? 

1 Answer

your hair looks pretty healthy to me , and yes it's normal for you curls to get tighter specially if you were taking good care of it , ok with low porosity hair your hair cuticles are closed so you should shower with warm water to open your hair cuticles and get the moisture into your hair shaft , some people like to make their last rinse with cold water so they could close the cuticules and seal moisture but i feel like it's better if you don't because after you shower your gonna put leave in's and styling products so you need to let the cuticles open to absorb as much moisture as possible , and when you deep condition or doing any kind of treatment always use heat to open your cuticles and get the treatment into your hair shaft , as heat i mean put a plastic bag or a damp microwaved towel on your head