completely straight pieces in my hair!?

ive been dealing with my heat damaged hair for 7 months now. the majority of my hair is healthy (3b/3c) but the entire bottom underneath layer of my hair is completely straight! like a slight wave at the root, then everything else straight! ive tried twirling them around my finger and the never hold the curl. help :(

1 Answer

Hi. If you are a woman of African descent, this is indeed a sign of damaged hair. I doubt that you are white (non-mediterrainian) or Asian because the former usually only goes up to 3a and the latter generally only goes up to 2a. If you are a woman of any other ethnicity, it is actually not that surprising that this has happened. With most ethnicities except for Asians and blacks, it is quite common for hair to keep modifying its curl pattern throughout your life. So unless you are of African descent, I wouldn't be worried (Sorry I had to bring race into this. This is generally what happens to hair so I couldn't put it in any other way)