How to cope with unpredictable curls?

I can't even pick a category for my curls as they are so unpredictable! Some days (mostly when I've stayed in and not moved for hours) it's perfect! Beautiful curls! If I decide to walk the dog to let it air dry or actually have stuff to do then it just turns to loose fluff! I have found that once it's dried using a spray bottle of water to rewet my hair slightly and almost let it "reset" is the only way of some success but I can't rely on it for a day out as it always goes wrong!! I use just volume shampoo and conditioner... no products as my hair gets greasey or it goes that awful crunchy which I can't stand lol! Help! 

1 Answer

Hey:) I know the struggle and I think I could help you:) First of all, I hate crunchy hair, which is why I never use products like gels etc My curls were always unpredictable which I hated. I have realized that I had to change my complete hair routine, and once I found the perfect routine for me, my hair always looks the same when it's dry, I always love it :) I think we have similar hair, I just got more volume bcs my hair is shorter :) Okay let's go: I use shampoo/ conditioner: OGX kukui oil. Maybe that's too heavy for you bcs you tend to have greasy hair, so I would recommend OGX macadamia oil or OGX argan oil :) Use veeery few shampoo and just shampoo your scalp, don't put it on the rest of your hair because it strips your hair of its natural oils. Then, use conditioner (I use quite a lot), but before putting it on your hair, scrunch your hair to get rid off some water. Apply the conditioner all over your hair and let it sit for about 2 minutes. Then I rinse my hair with cold water. Now comes an important step that saved my life: Once having rinsed my hair I immediately jump out of the shower, your hair has to be soaking wet! Like compleeetely wet:D then comb trough it with a wide-tooth comb, but just very fast to bring your hair in the order you want it to be. I never section my hair, I just comb my hair back. Now your hair should still be soaking wet, and you take a hair cream ( I use a hair milk) to add moisture to your hair. It should be a product that only adds moist to ur hair, no hold bcs this will make ur hair crunchy. I use a handful! and start scrunching it from the bottom to my scalp, and I do this for about 2-3 minutes. The more you scrunch, the better the results. While scrunching, the water should be dripping on the floor, ur hair really has to be wet. Once I'm done with the cream, I go ahead and use a hair oil (OGX oil), spray it on my hand and again scrunch it in my hair for about 2 minutes. Then I take a T-Shirt and scrunch my hair a bit more (2 minutes). After that, let ur hair airdry or blow-dry with a diffusor. I know it sound a lot, but this really takes me no time once i got used to it, and u have to be patient because it may be that ur hair firstly has to adapt to the new treatment. I hope this tricks work for you:)