My Crazy Curls are Thinning and Totally Changing!

I've always had pretty curly hair but just started figuring it out a few years ago. Just as I was getting my strands hydrated and flawless, my hair just changed. Intense, thick volume is totally gone. I can see my scalp through the front of my hair, and now, my hair (which could hold a style for days) can't hold curl for long and goes so flat. I still have defined curls at the bottom of my hair, but the top is limp and thin. I used to also get these large oily patches in my head every three months, but now I don't.Before it went bad, I was using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, It's a 10 leave-in conditioner, never heat styling my hair, and coconut oil occasionally. Now, my routine is so complicated. I've started using a new shampoo for volume, no leave-ins, and blow drying. I am freaking out and wondered if anyone else has had this problem.I have PCOS, which I have read can thin hair, but I've had it for years without problem. I started birth control (Sprintec) and an antidepressant (wellbutrin). I bought some vitamins with Zinc, Vitamin D, and Biotin that I am hoping will save me.Has anyone had sudden hair texture change and intense thinning?

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