Curl pattern and scalp change...not for the better. I am 12 months postpartum is this permanent?

Hi Ladies,I am stuck in a dilemma and getting more upset as the days pass.  I will be a year postpartum nov 17 and I experienced the postpartum hair loss from 3-6mo and man was it a lot.  I had the receding hairline going and from months 3-9 pp my hair didnt curl the way it used to.  I am usually 3a/3b and depending on the humidity some 2c in the mix.  I was 2c during 3-9mo pp if I was lucky.  Now my scalp feels like it has a residue and film on it when I'm approaching 20hrs from the last wash.  My hair is usually oily and I would wash everyday without drying out my curls but this is more extreme.  The last 2 months my curls have somewhat been bouncing back to usual but only somewhat...the only thing that gives me hope is that the new growth and little fly aways are 3a/3b curly.  I have gone through my shampoo/cond/gel/mousse and have removed the silicones/sulfates.  I have done ACV rinses and noticed NO change.  I am very confused about which products are good and not good to use.  I almost feel like my hair is too moist if that makes sense??? My hair has always been healthy.  Around 10months PP I decided to cut it short, I did the cut.  I felt like this would help the curls, but it has made no difference.  I have read about haircuts making a difference, I personally have never experienced that issue.  I can go to anyone to get it cut, I just have to be the one to style it.  I am sorry this post is so long, I am just really worried and upset.  I am hoping this is just from pregnancy and that it will go back to normal, and I need to know if there is anything I can do to enhance my curls on my own.  Please help, unleash your curly knowledge upon me.  I beg of you! Thanks <3

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