My curls are GONE !

so I've been dying my hair on and off since 6th grade so it's been about 6 years . I have a mix between 3b/3c curls. I used to dye it myself red continuously. Then the start of this year I wanted a change and I know I couldn't do it myself so I decided to go to a salon. Keep in mind my hair was about 4-5 inches past shoulder length and it hasn't been this long in years and I achieved that on my own. I was trying to achieve the silver gray look, so I went in April and it wasn't as light as I wanted but I took a break for about 3 months so my hair can heal a little since it did take a bit of damage. So I waited and went to another salon that was curly hair specific so I thought maybe they can help me achieve the color I want safely, so the lady bleached my hair and then put the dye, it still wasn't as bright as I wanted but it was brighter than before and I liked it. Once I took a seat at the chair I almost broke down, I saw NO CURLS, my hair was just completely dead and straight , not one curl was found. Who would've thought that I would go to the salon so they could safely do the hair color since I know I couldn't and this happened. They then straightened my hair ... A week later I washed my hair and once again broke down, my once famously colored signature curls turn into absolute limp, dry straight hair. I went to get a haircut to see if I would at least get some type of definition back, always having long have I was left with a shoulder cut and no curls were found ... So now I'm completely devastated and don't know what to do. The pictures below show how my curls used to look. When my hair was red my hair was completely healthy, and that just by me doing my hair myself. The second picture with the green tint was a faded "silver" that turned green after the first time of it getting dyed silver. Now there's not even one curl, just stick straight dry hair and I don't know what to do anymore.

4 Answers

unfortunatly this is what happens as a result of bleaching or dying your hair too much,to get your hair back to the way it was you'd either have to grow out the damage by regular deep conditioning and patience, or go for the big chop and cut it all off I wish you all the best x
I'm so sorry about your hair , and don't worry your hair is gonna be back to normal just take care of it as much as you can , just do some research for products for your hair , i heard some good things about aphogee 2 step protein treatment but i don't think it's CG friendly , research about it if you like , and i'm pretty sure that your hair will come back , your hair was once healthy and it can be healthy again
I'm terribly sorry about your curls. I had six years worth of damage too, but they're coming back since I'm using NO SULFATES, so that should help you
What you need now is moisture, so conditioners, oils, and creams should help. Good luck!!