My Curls Are Gone?

When I was about 14 or 15 I discovered my wavy/curly hair and started using products in it. It looked really good and I felt good about them. It was always straight on top and then were always ringlets in the front (sometimes even to the point of being considered 3b) and were just shiny and springy. No problems.Until about a few months ago.I had my hair trimmed like normal but this time the ringlets disappeared once it dried. It saddened me but I got over it, blaming on products or the way I was styling it. But I got my hair trimmed last week and my hair is even worse. I styled it wavy (as opposed to putting it in a braid and forgetting about it), but my hair was practically straight! It really upset me because for years I hated my 'poofy' hair and now that I finally loved it, it went away. My friends (with straight hair, mind you) say that maybe I put too many products or conditioner in but I just don't know. I've tried different styling options (like no leave in and other products) but it's just not even curling up like it would before, let alone like it would a year ago.Could it be that I have too many products in (I only use one out of the shower), too much conditioner (I don't use that much and rinse it out completely (Suave Naturals Coconut)) or is it hormonal now that I'm older? Could it be protein? I tried a mayo protein treatment before with some improvement, but it was minimal. I just feel so discouraged  :'(Note: I don't do the CG method. After the shower, I put in a product (usually a leave-in or gel) and then plop it in a t-shirt.

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