My Curly hair is board straight!

My hair is usually rather curly. It has the look of type 2c but the texture of 2b, very fine and soft. Until recently. It is completely straight right now. Beautifully soft and I guess fairly shiny, but completely straight. I've been using the Alaffia Beautiful Curls wavy-curly conditioner as a co-wash, leaving a little of it in, and aloe vera as a gel for several years to wonderful effect, but now I maybe get a few hours of curls. I never use heat on it. I did an oil mask to see if it would help but after washing it out it's straight again. Is it static from heaters being on?

1 Answer

Hi Skatej, Did you recently undergo any chemical processing at the hair salon or home? Any keratin treatments or blowouts? If you have, then it's your hair's reaction to the chemicals. If not, then it's the dry, cold, weather. It happens to me during the wintertime. My hair can hardly hold a curl. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just make sure you're moisturizing your hair, keeping it healthy and it will return in the spring. :)