Curly hair gone straight?

I've had curly, long hair all my life. When I was younger I had problems maintaining it but then I learned how to straighten hair. I damaged my hair so much it went from beautiful, spirally curls to pin straight. It is starting to grow back in bumpy at the back of my head. I was wondering if there were any sort of treatments I could do to restore the health of my hair. I'd like to wear my hair completely natural, but the top half is bumpy, the bottom is straight, and I am stressed out.

1 Answer

You might have to cut the straight bits off. Have you ever gotten a shellac manicure and have had broken nails after? its like cutting off the weak nail and starting fresh. This might be a bad solution but I promise you perming or relaxing your hair will cause more damage and I have never found a way to fix damaged hair