Damaged my hair so it's not longer curly, how to fix it?

I made the stupid mistake of bleaching my hair twice in one day. Obviously this damaged my hair considerably. One of the most devastating results of this is that my formerly 3A hair is now completely straight. My hair isn't super long because I chopped it off a little over a year ago, but I was making good process on growing it out. I'd like to avoid chopping it off again if possible. I know I probably can't make it curly again without perming and damaging my hair further.

2 Answers

it's really hard to revive hair from chemical damaged. I would say to try a deep penetrating protein treatment and if that doesn't work cutting it will be necessary. 
I did this, it was exactly 7 years ago, I thought I would try having blonde straght hair, it killed my perfect ringlets. My hair was straw, I had no choice but to chop it off and wear it straight. I did this for about 5 years, it was painful. I started to see a glimmer of hope when the roots started to get their curls back. I heard of this salon that only did curly hair and I thought what the heck? Well this man Ron Suriano ( a certified Deva curl stylest)  brought my hair back from the dead...it took some time and a few cuts and some serious trust, but they are back 100% with the Deva Curl system and a trusted stylest I am once again a curly girl!  Find a deva stylest and they will help don't do it on your own! Good luck