Am damaging my hair ?

I use to straighten my hair alot but now i only straighten it once in a blue moon. My hair has been dyed multiple times. But ive been doing this routine & i feel like its not helping me my hairs been really frizzy and dry is it because of heat damage or because of my routine ?**ROUTINE**1. When i get in the shower i brush my hair out under the water 2. When its completely brushed out i put conditioner in my hair3. I dont wash out the conditioner until the next time i take a shower ( sometimes i take more than one shower a day so id wash it out and put in more conditioner )4. I repeat this routine EVERYDAYIs there any products that will reduce frizz and dryness or should i do a chop and start natural (id rather not though)Also is water damage a thing ?Or can you recommend another daily routine i could do to maintain my curlys ?thank you your answers will make a difference

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