How to deal with heat damage high up the hair strand?

Hi, I believe I have heat damage. I did a 'medium chop' last August and stopped straightening my hair for weeks until i did it once in January and once im February. I now think I have heat damage however it is only towards the back, lower half of my head where the heat damage goes really high up the hair strand. Because of this my hair looks longer and thinner at the back and shorter and thicker at the front given an uneven look. I've started an improved hair routine and will start taking biotin tablets very soon but how else can i deal with this please?

1 Answer

You can try deep conditioner and protein treatments (like Aphogees), but, if those don't help then you may just have to cut the heat damaged hair or let it transition :\ In this event, it may be helpful to cut it so it looks similar in length to the rest of the hair, but beware of shrinkage.