Does anyone know how to make hair thicker/healthier/longer? Remedies that work or products?

I have 2B hair, pretty long. It used to be super thick until college, and now its starting to thin out.

3 Answers

There's lots of things you can do to make your hair is to eat healthy! Your hair needs vitamins just like any other part of your body, so be sure to eat your veggies, like carrots and spinach to name two. Here's an article about all the vitamins your hair needs. You should also consider taking Biotin supplements, which help strengthen your hair, nails and skin. Be sure to limit the amount of heat you apply to your hair, especially direct heat like flat irons. Those thin out the hair and make them very brittle. Also, consider using keratin enriched shampoos and conditioners to help strengthen your hair and make it grow. Good luck!
Incorporating biotin in your diet is a great way to strengthen your hair. Maintaining a healthy diet with the proper consumption of protein and vegetables are the ultimate ways to maintain healthy hair from the inside out.
Personally, I discontinued my usage of heat products altogether. To give my hair a fuller and thicker look (when it was thinner), I used Curlformers and perm rods to give my curls more volume.Make sure you also properly detangle your hair on a nightly basis and either pineapple your hair or twist it & wrap your coils in a satin/silk scarf to prevent further breakage & thinning.Here is a nifty homemade protein recipe made with castor oil: this helps!