Why does my hair dry so fast and get so nappy after I wash it?

Before I wash my hair, I detangle it with conditioner and a wide tooth comb. When it's wet, I can see my curls and I love them. However, as soon as I get out the shower, it drys up into this nappy, ugly slave afro!!! I literally have to rake through it. Some parts of my hair remain slightly damp. After like 2-3 days of my protective style, my hair gets so frizzy. I don't know if it's the products that I use, or if I just don't know what the heck I'm doing!!! PLEASE HELP ME!p.s. I try to deep condish every week and I shampoo my hair every 2 weeks.Products-Shampoo: Aussie Mega MoistConditioner: Aussie 3 minute Miracle MoistDeep condish: TGIN honey miracle maskStyling: Design Essentials Natural (stretch cream, almond and avocado mousse)

1 Answer

Hi. I had similar problems with my hair and it took some trial and error to finally fix it. Because so many who have natural hair  experience this problem, I created a blog that details some helpful natural hair tips and products. Check it out https://naturalhairhacks.com/