Does my hair have heat damage?

i have around 3b type hair my curl pattern is different depending on what part of my head its on. for a couple years i would straighten my hair with keratin treatments but then i stopped doing that and my hair was just really frizzy and when i would brush it, the roots would be flat and frizzy on the ends. i liked having tight curls so i would defuse my hair on high heat but i stopped and its been like 5 months since i did that and now when i brush my hair while its wet the curl wont just bounce up it takes a while and on the top of my head like the part i would put into a half bun is not even curling its just staying in a wavy pattern and i tried different shampoos but nothings working. do i have heat damage and am i going to have to do a big chop? my hair is also not taking in any moisture even when its dry and wire like it will just feel slimy with leave in conditioner or coconut oil.

1 Answer

I think you do, those keratin treatments are really harmful to hair. Straightening it in the past isnt too good either. I recommend you cut it.