Does hair lose its curl as you age?

I am a 20 year old Caucasian and as I age, I have found that my hair has lost its corkscrew curls I had when I was younger. I wash and condition my hair every night and sleep with it pineappled and damp. Now it is more wavy than curly and the only way to achieve curl is to use rollers every single night. Any advice/tips? Greatly appreciated!

2 Answers

Hi Atino, it's totally normal for your hair texture to change every 5-7 years, this is due to your body's changes in hormones. It can change in diameter, density, as well as the curl pattern, here's a full article:
Hair changes though out our lifetimes. It is generally hormonally based. Hormones and hair can shift through trauma, diet, or medication. If you have a child or go through menopause, your hair might very well change back to the curl consistency it was.