why does my hair smell!!?

I washed , deep condition and gave my hair a hot oil treatment on Saturday. On Sunday I had a braiding protective style installed. By Tuesday my hair was smelling again and I washed it on Wednesday . I used a spray bottle to apply shampoo to my scalp, let it sit and washed it out , I conditioned my hair but didn't have time to let it sit so I immediately washed it out. I rapped a towel around my hair to help it dry faster. Then I applied another hot oil treatment. By the end of the day my hair was dry enough for me to wrap my braids with a scarf. When I woke up the next morning it was smelly and when I scratched my head dirt was in my nails. I'm beginning to get frustrated and don't know what it is. Please help !

1 Answer

do a hot oil treatment Before wash your hair. And focus on your scalp when wash