Does our hair take in water?

I spray my hair with water all the time and rub it in because It makes it soft and lessens my shrinkage ( I don't know why but water doesn't shrink my hair xD ) but the water is gone like 20mins later. So is my hair actually taking in the water or is it just drying into the air?

1 Answer

That depends on you hair porosity, texture, and possibly technique. If your hair is is low porosity, it's possible that the water isn't, at least not completely, absorbing into your hair. This is because the cuticles on low porosity hair lie flat and overlap, closing off the spaces that water would  absorb into the hair strand. This may be remedied by working the water into the hair (your rubbing may be doing the work). Spraying your hair with warm/hot water will probably cause the cuticle to open, but it will then need to be closed again as water can evaporate out of open cuticles.... which brings up high porosity hair. High porosity has open cuticles, which makes it easy for water to get in, but also makes it easy for water to evaporate from the hair strand. I can't quite say by the time stamp whether your hair is low or high porosity since that time is for spray bottle usage and I think porosity drying time is timed with completely wetting your hair, like when washing the hair. Texture, as explained in the LOIS system (on **this website**), can also help to sort of explain what your hair might be doing with water:Thready- hair has a low sheen, with high shine while the hair is being held taught with low frizz. Wets easily but dries quickly.Wiry – has a sparkly sheen with low shine and low frizz. Water bounces or beads up on the hair strand. Hair never seems to get fully wet.Cottony – has a low sheen, a high shine if hair is held taut and has high frizz. Absorbs water quickly but does not get thoroughly wet very fast.Spongy – high sheen, with low shine with a compacted looking frizz. Absorbs water before it gets thoroughly wet.Silky – low sheen and very high shine with a lot or low frizz. Easily wets in water.