Does this look normal?

So I've noticed that this area of my hair looks like it's thinning. I'm not sure if it is or it's always been this way. The front area of my hair has always been very thin, and idk if it's just because of that or if it's a serious problem.

3 Answers

It seems that a lot of naturals seem to have thinner hair around that area (myself included). Sometimes that's kind of just how the hair is, but the problem can be exacerbated. If you treated your edges roughly, it's possible that you're getting traction alopecia. Additionally, if you usually part your hair there, it may be possible that your hair might start balding in just that area due to the manipulation. I would definitely recommend maybe applying castor oil (mixed with another oil since castor oil is kinda thick, especially for fine strands) to see if you can get the area to fill in a little. If you're into edge control and can't really do without it, I'd recommend the Shea Moisture JBCO edge control. That's pretty good for promoting hair growth... or at least not exacerbating the problem.
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I was going to suggest what domiCurls did (Jamaican black castor oil), but also everyone's hair is very different and what may be normal for one may not be for another. If you're not sure that your hair has always been that thin in that area and you know you aren't over-manipulating that area either, I would see a dermatologist to get a proper diagnoses and see what's going on before trying a bunch of hullabaloo.