Does wearing your hair in a tight bun or pony tail straighten your hair over time?

I naturally have a 3b-3c curl pattern and I took very good care of my hair for a while. The last 6 months or so I have been very lazy and I have been wearing my hair in a tight bun almost everyday. I've noticed recently that my curls are not curling anymore and they look stringy and don't coil. I have not applied any heat to my hair so I am worried that my curl pattern is changing or its due to me wearing my hair up all the time. Any advice or suggestions on anything I can do to get my curls back?Thanks!

1 Answer

It doesn't straighten your hair per se, but it can weaken the strands where your bun is since it's constantly in that style. The hair may be thinning from your ponytail holder. Try moving your bun around some, high bun, low bun, side bun occasionally so the hair strands don't wear down. You should probably get a protein treatment to restregnthen your strands, or mix a deep conditioner with mayo and some eggs for a homemade recipie.Good Luck!