Why doesn't my hair grow like it should (compared to what I've learned)?

I've never had a perm, so technically I've been natural for 14 years, yet my hair is barely shoulder length. A while ago I decided that I would just try to follow some of the advice here to care for it better, and it actually worked out for a little while. I grew one inch in about two months. Since I'm in school, I went back and forth with protective styles such as box braids and crochets, but when I take my hair down... it's the same length that I left it. Maybe even shorter. I just don't understand why my hair hasn't been growing (or retaining) all these years. Can someone please help?

1 Answer

Two of the main times that hair breaks is when it's worn free and when you're taking down a protective style. Hair is always growing from your body it's a matter of how much length is being retained. Your hair is probably breaking off as much as it is growing so you're not noticing any gains. Try protective styles that only involve your hair and no extensions such as a goddess braid or twists and leave them for a few days. In high school and college, I had a similar issue and wore protective styles during the day and took my hair out at night for some air and to rehydrate my ends.