Don't all hair types (from 3a to 4b) become 4c when combed out?

3 Answers

I'd say 4a and 4b can LOOK 4c when they are combed out. If 3c is combed out it can just look frizzy depending on the texture of the hair. All of them can be frizzy or if they are cotton textured they can look coarse. There's a huge difference though, between having frizzy hair and looking 4c. 4a hair and 4b hair are closer to that texture, so if the strands are on the coarser side they can look 4c.BUT 3c to 4b hair when dry and unmoisturized can mimic 4c hair. 3a and 3b hair in no way usually look 4c when combed out just frizzy.I hope this makes sense lol.
I agree with Chelle.White. While 4a and 4b hair can look like 4c, a lack of definition or dryness is not the same as a lack of curl pattern. 4a and 4b may look akin to 4c when completely combed out, but they I wouldn't say they "turn into" 4c hair. They may also look 4c, sans product, depending on their texture. For 3a-3c, I'd say that it would be harder to confuse the hair for 4c hair. 3a and 3b, specifically, would look more like very frizzy straight or wavy hair.
4c is not a default for no curl definition/frizz. 3b, 3c, 4a, and 4b can be with or without curl definition or frizz. Curl pattern has to do with the diameter of the curl, not how much frizz it has. Picked out, 4a coils does not look the same as picked out, 4c coils. Also, products enhance your natural curl pattern, they do not create curls. We had a naked hair day at the office and everyone with defined curls still had defined curls, they just didn't have hold.