My edges are falling out on the left side of my edge line,what should I do? I have no clue plz help

Back in December I straightened my hair. After I washed it my hair became fragile. The back of my head towards the bottom would hurt every time I tried brushing it into a bun. My edges started to slowly thin. I would use an edge control whenever doing an up do. Could it have been the edge control that made my edges thin? But olddly it was only on one side. My left side edges are thinner and shorter than my right side. I've been putting oil on my edges n I don't really see a change. I really don't know what to do now, I can't style my hair with my baby hairs out because it's uneven and looks weird. Please help :(

1 Answer

I am sorry that you are experiencing challenges with your edges. I would massage castor oil and vitamin e oil on my edges and take biotin pills, collagen pills and drink 2 gallons of water a day. Try changing up your hair style so that your edges don’t get pulled often. That should help. But if you are not seeing changes soon enough I would go to see a dermatogist. I hope this helps :)