Why are my ends so damaged and frizzy when I get my hair straightened?

I went to go get my hair straightened on Saturday and like my ends were so dry and frizzy and very damaged looking and every time I get it straightened my ends always come out the same. I get my hair done once a month, but my ends are always coming out frizzy looking. Why do you think that is cuz I need some help and I hate my hair right now

1 Answer

What do you mean by "get your hair done"? Trimmed? Colored? Bleached? Straightened/blown out?Your ends are damaged and need to be removed. All of them. However, if you continue to use heat stylers, you will continue to have damage, and will have to keep up the cycle of styling/cutting off ends. Make sure to be very kind to your hair in between stylings - figure out your hair's unique protein/moisture needs (check out the forums for advice!) and then find good products, cleansers, and conditioners to help keep your hair's structure nice and strong!