Favorite Oil Product? (Looking for 2b and 2a Help!)

I have 2b hair, and a lot of frizz+dryness on my top layer and very ends.I have tried olive, argan, coconut, jojoba, sunflower, moringa (body shop), and almond oils. So far I have been recommeded Wella SP oil and Redken Diamond oil, what do you like? Either pure oil or a product.

3 Answers

Arhgan oil should work. If you're buying the $5 one, then that's definitely not argan oil at its best. Making argan oil is a very complicated & tedious process, so naturally, the good stuff will be more expensive. If its at least $25 dollars, then it should work :) if not then try sheamoistures deep conditioners, those are amazing :)
I use this Hawaiian silky moisturizer and sheen spray . It was the best $5 I've ever spent It moisturizes my hair without it being weighed down . It leaves a nice sheen to it and it also moisturizes the scalp. To tame some frizz , try looking at this video ! 
I use Redken Diamond oil and love it! It's on the pricey side, but diffenitly worth the bargain! It gose into the hair other than just coat it. I put it on when my hair is damp, but can be still used on dry hair. Hope this helps!