A friend flat ironed my kids hair to trim it. Now the top layer doesn't curl the same. What do I do

My almost 3 1/2 year old needed a trim. She Is biracial and her lovely curls were tangling horribly at the ends. My friend flat ironed it to trim it. I didn't know any better. The curl of the top layer has never been the same and is frizzy and dry. For a month or so I have been frustrated with her hair and never made the connection to the flat iron until today. Is this heat Damage? How do I fix it? If it has to be cut, how do I at least manage it until it grows out?

1 Answer

It may or may not be heat damaged. You should try giving your baby a protein treatment first to see if that strengthens any of the curls. If not, they may have heat damage. With heat damage, it cannot be "fixed" per se, and it should be cut. You should probably just protective style the baby's hair until it can grow out and can be cut.