Getting back elasticity?

I started using a flatiron to curly the front parts of my hair. The curl elasticity is gone. After shampooing and conditioning I have the front part of my hair is straight and the back of my head is wavy. How can I gain back the curl elasticity? 

1 Answer

the best way is if you have not colored and your hair is natural, hydration masks and a trim will help.I suggest natural organic haircare.Davines is one new to the US but they have a moisturizing mousse that hydrates and rebuilds the hair. If you go to long without a trim your dead ends or split ends will not allow your hairs curl pattern to be healthy.I always suggest to daily natural drying clients that use good haircare because curly hair is high maintenance and until you accept that youll struggle with products, to not go longer than 3-4 months inbetween trims.Trimming makes the hair healthy and actually boosts growth and bounce. If youve colored and lost the elasticity its possibly due lack of hydration. Curly hair is very porous so you must fill it back with what peroxides take out of it.Again organic lines like Davines and Oligo  just to name a few are very low ammonia or none at all and way less damaging to basically damage free for hair texture. But theres good news you can find someone who does B3 or ollaplex treatments or sells the products and they will make your hair like new. Good luck and if your in the Houston area i have a salon and over 20 years experience...#electricbluecohairbar #davineshairmoisturizingmousse