Girls what going on with my hair ....i need help ladies

my curl type is 3b ..i love my hair i had been dyeing my hair a red/copper color for almost 2 years ( Garnier and revlon) .after i would dye it ,my hair would always be dry for about 3 days then it would go back to normal and i would deep condition once every two weeks...Recently this past december i decided i would i would give my hair some rest so i dyed my hair with natural instincts in dark brown (since dark brown is my natural hair color) ..and it was hair is dry all the time i get little hair knots trough out my hair and it just feels so dry and brittle i try deep condition and i see no difference ..oh and when i shower A Lot of hair falls sad :/ girls please help what should i do any natural remedies????

1 Answer

Well, if you could stop coloring it, that would be a start. Deep condition weekly. Use a leave in. Stay away from chemicals and heat. It may be permanently damaged and you'll have to wait for new growth.