Growth Rates And Thickness

I cut my hair into a really short hairstyle(the back and the sides of my head were tapered and the top was just cut to less than an inch) over a year ago. Since then, the back of my hair is really thick and grows really fast(as in a inch per month), my sides grow in really fine and really fast, and my top is slightly thinner and grows much slower than the rest of my hair(less than a half of an inch per month). Is it possible that the hair on the top of my head doesn't grow as fast or as thick as the rest of my hair because the rest of my hair was completely shaved off and the top wasn't?

2 Answers

Maybe it seems like the top of your head grows slower because it's harder to tell the difference? Whereas your shorter hair is more obvious to see whether or not it's growing. Just an idea.
it could be your curl pattern and shrinkage. Tighter curl will appear shorter than looser