Help what should I do??

Ok, so about 2 months ago I decided to get some blonde highlights put into my medium brown curly hair. It was an all of a sudden decision and I didnt think about the damage it would do to my hair. My hair is now thinner, knotty and has lost most of its curl. It is also A LOT greasier at the roots and never looks that nice anymore. The highlights were done at a salon that I thought was quite good but they look stripey and very unnatural. My roots have started to grow in now and it looks worse :( I really want to dye it back to my natural colour but that could cause even MORE damage. Do you think I should just take care of my highlighted hair or dye it brown? Also, will  using curly hair products (or things like devacurl) make my hair curly again or does bleach cause permanent damge to curls.  My old hair is in my profile picture and my new hair is attached to this post.

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