My hair is breaking from heat damage? How do I fix it?

My hair type is 2A, but used to be closer to 2B. I straightened my hair with a flat-iron almost everyday last year, but wore it natural this year with only straightening it occasionally. However, I recently noticed that my hair has a LOT of breakage. It's mostly closer to my roots, at the top of my head. My hair has also gotten a lot frizzier too, and my curls aren't as defined as they used to be. I recently got a haircut last week and cut about 2 inches off, so my ends are healthy but there is still breakage throughout. Even just looking at my hair from the back, you can see short tiny hairs that stick out. This must be a result of heat damage, but I stopped using my flat-iron months ago and it still hasn't helped my hair. Is there anyway I can fix my hair without getting a huge chop?

1 Answer

try deep conditioning treatments every once in a while to moisturize your hair to cut down the frizz. I recommend Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil treatment. And also, recommend sleeping on a silky pillowcase, cotton pillowcases have a lot of friction which will rub against your hair causing breakage. Try occasionally getting trims to cut off all the damage. This will definitely take years to recover from but you will reach it if you have patience! Hope this helped!