Why is the top part of my hair around my crown super frizzy and not even curly like the rest?

For years I have been trying to use different products and styling methods to fix the top part where it is frizzy to be like the bottom half of my hair. Nothing has worked. Not even coconut oil. I have had one Brazilian Blowout but that barely made the frizz better. I attached a picture to show you. Please please help me find a solution to fixing my hair. It's not curly and not straight. Just plain frizzy. :'( 

1 Answer

Start with the basics! It may be time to change your shampoo and conditioner. Consider adding more Deep Conditioners and Protein treatments to your regimen. My curls were really frizzy had little definition until I tried the Max Hydration method. It was a lot of work but my curls started to pop effortlessly and frizzless. Have you tried a hot oil treatment? Sometimes those help with frizziness. If all else fails, consider getting a hair cut- sometimes frizz is he result of damage. Yes our ends are prone to damage but damage can happen anywhere along the hair shaft.