Hair not as curly/is more frizzy after cut?

So I used to have hair to just below my shoulders and then I shaved it into a mohawk and now it's the length it is in the picture (with various styles in between) anyways, my hair isn't has curly any more! It's making me sad. I think it might be because of a terrible dye job I gave myself a few mouths ago that resulted in me having to dye it back to the original color......... Is there any way to help this? Can I let it grow out and then chop off the damaged parts,  or would it be better to cut it off now? here's the long hair:

1 Answer

It would be helpful to have a timeline of events for the past couple of months for your hair. If dye/chemicals are really to blame and there was no mechanical damage then growing it out/cutting it or maybe using APhogee Re-constructor would be the answer to your hair troubles. It would be a matter of correcting the chemical imbalances on/in the hair shaft and there are products/routines that can do this fairly easily. However, if the person cutting your hair did not use sharp enough scissors, then your ends could have been damaged in the cutting process. Healthy ends should have blunt tips to them. Tapered tips could lead to splitting and damage. This presents a whole new set of issues as you would have to try to control further damage while arranging to have your hair cut ASAP.To be on the safe side, you may want to go ahead and cut it down quite a bit and start over (A.K.A Big Chop).